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We are now well into 2022, and this inflation is crazy!... will it ever be controlled? Well, who would have predicted this?  Not only are small business products and payroll costs rising almost daily, but there seems to be a "racheting" effect.  You have to pay more, so you NEED to earn more, which requires those you do business with to also earn more.  We can help.
Now that we are soon entering into 2023, hopefully employees will return and remain at work (full time), small businesses can once again produce and open their doors WIDE OPEN ! 

I believe, from what I have seen, that small businesses suffered the hardest during COVID.  And, small businesses have to worker harder to return back to "normal".  Yes, prior year PPP loans helped.. a little.  The EIDL loan helped... a little, but you have to pay that back.  The day when my clients and other small businesses can stay fully open, hire & keep steady employees, and provide their products and services can't come soon enough, and hopefully it will be at full unfettered strength, with no intrusive government interference.  We've had enough of that already... even during 2022.

The BUSY tax season and all 2021 extensions were successfully filed.  Everyone's taxes were completed !   Our software gets better and better each year, so that we can spend more quality time getting vital information from our long-term clients.  Partnership and Corporate business extended returns were ALL be completed well in advance of the new extended date.  We accurately reported your 2021 activity from the records given to us. Either directly from the bank and accounting systems we access, or from the information that you drop off.

The accounting will be accurate, and the taxes prepared in compliance with all existing and any new 2022 and 2023 tax laws.  

You can trust us because we have done this flawlessly since 1981.  Our clients always know exactly where they stand financially year-to-date and there will be no surprises.  They thank us for that.  

I personally love what I do, and I've been doing well at this for a long, long time.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to serve you over the years.

Thanks!! Thank you to all of our faithful returning clients. Year after year, you allow us to serve you. Thank you. .. where does the time go? It is already almost the end of 2022.   Well, 2022 started well for all of us, very productive tax season, we endured no quarantine and continued to work and NOW IT'S ALMOST 2023 and all of our 2022 tools and software have been online and fully tested.  

We don't disappoint, your trust in us was earned! 
Those clients who have already seen the results of last year (2021) are pleasantly surprised.
Most of our small businesses are doing well to thrive in 2022.

THANK YOU to all of our faithful clients to trust us year after year to provide excellent accounting and tax services. Now, that the new year is arriving, we have time to plan and reflect.   Throughout Broward County, the CPA appears to be the go-to professional for small business advice on PPP and EIDL loans and the Employee Retention Credit ~ ERTC .
I have studied and helped so many.

As a full service tax and accounting office, we help so many each day.

From the inception and incorporation of your small business... right up to some individual's Trusts and Estates, we do it all and we do it consistently well.

You will sleep better each night knowing that we're qualified and we do it right. Start up business tax advice? We'll show you the right way to begin your business.

Because of our deep well of knowledge, we will share with you the secrets we've learned between MASTERS vs Disasters in small business management. I will, personally, help you manage and grow your small business correctly. That is my personal promise to you !! Broward County CPA Pembroke Pines CPA Quickbooks expert tax accounting experts Cooper City CPA Broward Accounting Services Bookkeeping CPA Davie CPA Small Business CPA
We really enjoy what we do, and we're able to help. Broward County CPA Pembroke Pines CPA Quickbooks expert tax accounting experts Cooper City CPA Broward Accounting Services Bookkeeping CPA Davie CPA Small Business CPA
We focus, in our offices, on small business owners. Not only in Cooper City and Pembroke Pines, but throughout Broward and the nation, we are the CPAs who help. We help small business owners understand and manage their growing businesses. Whether it is through monthly services by a Pembroke Pines CPA or a Cooper City CPA or even a Florida CPA in Broward, all bank account analysis, payroll tax preparation, or sales tax compliance, we are the one-stop shop for all of your small business needs when it comes to accounting and tax services.Broward County CPA Pembroke Pines CPA Quickbooks expert tax accounting experts Cooper City CPA Broward Accounting Services Bookkeeping CPA Davie CPA Small Business CPA
If you need help, your Tax & Accounting Expert Joe Lania is a phone call away at (954) 432-2299.

We specialize in removing those "fairy tales" that you have carried in your Quickbooks for so long. We can help you.
You'll sleep better each night knowing we've done it right.

WE CAN HELP YOUR SMALL BUSINESS. Well, NOW IS THE TIME to get some quick corrections implemented. We need to discuss some serious business. What are YOU going to do about those Quickbooks "fairytales" you have hidden for years, the ones that are keeping you up each night? Call Joe Lania at (954) 432-2299... he has the answers.

We are Accounting and Tax Experts. Now that your 2021 business activity is finally over... and we will see the complete economic picture for the rest of 2022, what will you do to improve in 2023 once everything opens up? We will help. For a manageable monthly fee, we will keep you and your business on track. After a year of new beginnings and IRS changes and delays.

We keep businesses working and moving forward.

RELATIONSHIPS are the backbone of our lives, and our businesses are no exception. We hold timely seminars, discussions and Mastermind groups in the community. We all will do well no matter what the economy looks like for now.

Look for our upcoming seminars and discussions in Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Hollywood, Davie, Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County. We specialize in listening and then finding the right solution to your individual business needs. We are the trusted CPA advisors to local small business owners, with incorporation services, monthly sales and payroll tax issues, IRS notice resolution... because we are Certified to help your business grow strong.

How about you and your business? Have you been focused on the success of your business and postponed meeting with your CPA? At our office, the door and phone is always open and available to those needing timely help and expert advice.

As your Tax & Accounting Expert, we are aware of many ways to help. We will review your activity for 2022 and the yearly planning for 2023 and see if any corrections can be made to ensure your goals are met.

With this new or continuing Congress and Presidential administration, there are quite a few tax changes for 2022 and 2023; both individuals and small businesses. These are already in effect, and we are on top of the changes for each of our clients. These changes for 2022 and 2023 will affect individuals, small businesses, employers (especially) and taxable estates. You should already prepare for these, and we are experts on any new laws. (hint: some long standing payroll rules and percentages may drastically change in 2023)

Our new offices look beautiful, we were in our former offices since November 1992 and outgrew the space. Come on by and see what we've done. Our conference room is professional, and we are able to host so many more services.

We expect 2023 to bring some turnarounds to those who took some losses during '2021/2022. Our office was ready to help our long term clients process another year. These small business owners, condominiums, individuals, churches and local organizations look to us year round for assistance. From what we see and hear, things in South Florida are following the national trends, as far as economic conditions. Together, we all do better.

Seminars: We are still conducting our business and individual seminars at local banks and the response is great from the community. We will soon be able to host some seminars in our office, using our new conference area. I am excited about this. Those new clients that have joined us were grateful for our outreach to them. We have been able to educate many small business owners through these seminars and the bank has seen growth along with us. This is just one thing that we can offer, and the attendance at the seminars grow with each topic discussed.

Our new software is better than ever, and all of our returns are electronically filed without a single snag. The accounting software is also a great benefit to those clients who have the time and inclination to actually use it. For those who don't have the time, or chose not to do their own, we are always there to do whatever is needed in order to comply with all laws and filing requirements. Our guarantee to you is that everything will be done and will be done correctly... timely... and professionally.


Did You Know?

We at Lania CPA would like you to know that Quickbooks 2022 is an accounting software package that is inexpensive and user friendly. If you're using Quickbooks ONLINE, we are experts and can help,

We have many clients who use it in their businesses and know, at each moment, how they are doing and where they stand as far as sales, receivables, accounts payable, payroll, cash activity and up-to-date reporting. We, also, maintain several clients here in the office on our systems, so that they know each month exactly where they stand. It is a simple process of providing us with a copy of your backup, and we will professionally process your records in a timely manner. You come out a winner every time. We do this each day, every day and are experts on many accounting systems, so that you can do as much (or as little) as you choose. You can run your business and know that we are keeping track of your operations for you.

Joseph S Lania CPA Success Story

A business owner recently came into our office. He was concerned that although the business was doing well, he didn't have a handle on all the compliance issues and felt that "something was going to fall through the cracks" and he would forget something in his daily rush to run his business. We sat with him, reviewed the operations, the payroll, the sales, the daily needs of the business and came up with a solution for him. This man was thrilled to have his accounting system finally in gear. He no longer has to worry that he will miss a deadline, forget a deposit, underfund his pension plan or have that unsettled feeling that something wasn't done correctly. We offer him prompt, professional service at a monthly fee that he is very happy with.
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Do you know how to form a viable business relationship with someone you need in your business. Oftentimes, I have clients come in and share a new business idea or an exciting venture that they are about to embark on. They are excited. They are thrilled. They are busting out with expectation. They are, however, not prepared and headed for disaster. They have chosen a partner or someone to jointly venture out with, without doing some quick and easy preparation first.

There is unlimited potential out there to make a dollar. There are opportunities out there to succeed and prosper in doing something that you enjoy. There are individuals available to you, who can help you achieve your goals. There are good opportunities and there are also traps which you need to see in advance and avoid. One excellent example of this is the partner you chose.

Before you step out with someone into a business venture, no matter how exciting, you need to form a PARTNER AGREEMENT. You need to know:

What they expect out of this relationship
What you expect out of this relationship
Who will do what (who will put in the money? How much? When?
Who will work, how many hours, for how much pay?
What does your partner expect to put into this venture and how much does this person expect YOU to put in?
How much is the business worth to each of you?
What happens is one of you want out?
How much will it cost and when should it be paid?

My advice is this. BEFORE you see an attorney, work out the details among yourselves. YOU do your part, your potential partner does her/his part, independently of one another. Then, you two (or however many partners there will be) come together and "share notes". Work out the differences. Decide what is important and what is not so important. Once you have reached an agreement between yourselves, THEN visit an attorney and invest in the attorneys time to put your agreement in writing. This will save you countless hours and days of grieve in the event that there is a misunderstanding among the partners later on.

I can't tell you how many times that this was not done and how it would have helped to get this done and out of the way while everyone was happy and enjoyed the "courting" stage of the relationship.

We're Here To Help

Joseph S Lania CPA is here for you. We are Accounting & Tax Experts. We have helped countless business owners since 1981 understand and better manage their businesses. We are accounting experts. If you have questions or comments about our services, or want to know how we can help you, please call us at 954-432-2299 or e-mail us at
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